There is a plethora of tasks to be completed in the aftermath of an Austin car crash. You must ensure that you and any injured passengers receive timely medical treatment for your injuries. You must (if possible) take steps to identify potential witnesses and/or defendants in the event filing a car accident lawsuit becomes necessary (or in case your insurance claim is contested). One task that is more administrative in nature – but that is still critical to accomplish – is to report the car accident to the appropriate individuals and entities.

Reporting Your Car Crash

At the very least, there are three individuals/entities to whom you will want to report your car crash: the police, your insurance company, and your attorney. Here’s how to accomplish this for each:

  • When you call your local emergency dispatch to summon emergency medical care to the scene of your accident, most often a law enforcement officer from the police department will also respond. If you are not injured and do not need emergency medical assistance, you should still contact your local dispatcher and ask that a police officer respond to the scene in order to prepare a report. Otherwise, you will need to call the Austin Police Department and follow their instructions to report your accident. (Note that failing to report an accident may, in some circumstances, be considered a crime.)
  • You should also contact your insurance agent and report the crash to him or her as soon as is practical after the crash. Depending on your insurance carrier, they may request you fill out a report over the phone, by mail, or online.
  • Finally, you should speak with an experienced car crash lawyer as soon as possible about your accident.

In most circumstances, you will want to submit your report to the police the same day or next day following your crash. You should also report the crash to your insurance carrier and your lawyer as soon as possible.

Beware When Submitting Reports to Law Enforcement and Insurance Carriers

The police officer and insurance adjustor assigned to take your report may request that you make an oral or written statement about what happened. Be extremely careful about what you say as any admissions you make to negligent driving (i.e., “I wasn’t really paying attention” or “I should’ve been driving slower”) can be used to limit your recovery or deny you financial compensation altogether.

For this reason, it is crucial that you speak with our experienced and dedicated Austin car crash team as soon as possible – preferably before you give a report to an insurance carrier or insurance adjustor. We can help make sure that you do not damage your chances at recovering compensation by telling you what you should – and should not – disclose to the insurance company in your report. Contact us immediately after a car crash and let us help you in your legal recovery.