Most individuals are not litigious by nature (in other words, most individuals are not excited about or inclined to sue an individual when that person has injured him or her). Instead, most people would rather settle their differences amicably and avoid a court system perceived to be contentious and uncertain. In some Texas car crash cases, however, your financial security and your family’s future is on the line, and pursuing a claim for compensation is the only method whereby both can be assured.

When Should I Contact a Texas Car Accident Lawyer?

If your Texas car crash involves any of the following factors or circumstances, it is a good idea to seek out experienced legal counsel as soon as possible:

  • You suffered injuries in the crash: If you suffered any sort of injuries in the crash, you should speak with an attorney about what compensation may be available to you. Your medical bills can accumulate quickly, especially if you are needing ongoing treatment, prescription drugs, or medical assistive devices.
  • The other driver or drivers are denying any responsibility for causing the crash: If you are certain you did not cause the crash but the other driver is denying any responsibility for the crash or your injuries, your ability to recover compensation for your injuries will depend on being able to establish the other driver’s culpability through evidence and/or testimony. This is more easily accomplished with the help of a car crash lawyer.
  • You may have contributed to the crash: Similarly, if you believe you may have been partly responsible for the car crash, it is important you speak with an attorney before making any admissions or accepting any blame. While it is still possible to recover some compensation even if you were partly to blame, maximizing your recovery in this situation takes legal skill and experience.
  • Your loved one died in the crash: If your loved one died in a car crash caused by another person, you may need to file what is known as a wrongful death lawsuit in order to obtain compensation on behalf of the decedent. These can be extremely complex cases, so they are best handled by an experienced lawyer familiar with the laws and procedures applicable to these types of situations.
  • You are not certain what you should do: If you are simply confused about what rights you may have as a car crash injury victim in Texas or do not know what you can and what you must do following a crash, an attorney can help provide you with the clarity and direction you seek.

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