The perceived cost of legal counsel is just one barrier that keeps some individuals from contacting a Austin car accident lawyer following a wreck or collision. These individuals either believe that legal counsel will cost them money they cannot afford to pay at the moment, or that an attorney will demand too much money at the conclusion of the case.

Contingency Fees Explained

Lawyers may offer various fee arrangements for clients. One popular type of fee arrangement in car crash and personal injury cases is a contingency fee arrangement. Under this arrangement, a client typically pays no retainer or upfront deposit for the lawyer’s services. Instead, the lawyer’s fees are paid from any compensatory damages award the lawyer is able to obtain for the injury victim. Typically, the fees are set as a percentage of the total recovery (i.e., the lawyer takes ten percent or twenty percent of any damages award he or she recovers for the victim as his or her fees). If the attorney is not able to recover any compensation for the victim, then the victim typically does not owe any money to the attorney for his or her fees.

It is important that you read any contingency fee agreement carefully before signing. It is common for these agreements to require the injury victim to pay for certain legal expenses (i.e., the cost for obtaining copies of records and documents or filing fees) regardless of whether the lawsuit is successful.

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